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PS4 Console To Beat ‘Xbox 720′ To Market?

Rumors have been swirling around Sony lately. There have been rumors that Sony might actually be considering leaving the console business all together in light of a management shift amongst SCEI executives. But, VP of Technology for Sony Entertainment Europe says that Sony is indeed planning on launching a Playstation 4 console. Some reports even [...]

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Playstation 4 Pictures (Concept & Designs)

Today we decided to take a light hearted look at the current PS4 Pictures, Concept, and Design ideas currently circulating the world wide web. While any PS4 release date seems a long way off, we don’t see any harm in taking an early look at these PS4 pictures suggesting what the future console may look [...]

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Will There Be A PS4?

Will There Be A PS4? Article Written by James @ It’s the question on many hardcore and casual gamers minds, will there be a PS4 in the future? This topic has been circulated around the internet now for a few years (lets be honest, ever since the release of the PS3!), and it’s certainly [...]

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