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E3 Conference Confirms Playstation 4 Release Date Is Years Away

The E3 gaming conference which is taking place this week has effectively confirmed that a Playstation 4 Release Date is still many years away. The conference so far has focused heavily around the Playstation Move device, and points towards the Playstation 3 still having a long future ahead of itself, with any Playstation 4 plans [...]

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PS4 Trailer Released by Han West

In a follow up to our two latest blog posts, the PS4 Forums have since uncovered the truth about the recent viral PS4 video trailer, which was being claimed as an early advertisement for the Playstation 4. However, the truth is that the Playstation 4 Trailer originated from Han West – a half Chinese half [...]

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Playstation 4 Trailer Hoax

Yesterday the PS4 Forums posted a supposed official Playstation 4 Video, which seemed to vageuly demonstrate the capabilities of a future Playstation 4 Console. It would seem however, the video was initially created by Sony to demonstrate their 4.0 firmware update for the PS3, which would make 3D possible – and nothing to do with [...]

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LEAKED: Playstation 4 Video Trailer

Playstation 4 speculation was kicked back into life today in style, when a supposedly ‘official’ Playstation 4 video was leaked on Youtube. The video seems to demonstrate a gamers experience of a Playstation 4 stereotype.

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