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Playstation 4 Will Use Physical Media

With technology evolving faster than ever before, it should come as no surprise that many industry leaders are predicting the Playstation 4 to switch to entirely Digital media upon it’s release, but Kaz Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment’s CEO, suggests this prediction is one that should be taken with a pinch of salt. In a recent [...]

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Playstation Forum

Today at the Playstation 4 Forums, we have made big changes to our Playstation Forum. Not only have we completely reorganised the forums, we have completely changed the design to integrate it with the main website. The Playstation Forum has been added in the hope that we can create one of the best Playstation Forums [...]

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Sony: Australia ban on PS3 hack chip

The PS3Jailbreak “modification” allows gamers to play homemade and pirated games on the game’s console. The ban prevents OzModChips, a popular Mod Supplier and Quantronics from importing, distributing or selling the device. Sony has until August 31 to makes its case to the court for a permanent ban. If it fails, the chips could go [...]

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Sony: Playstation 4 Games In Development

That’s right folks, according to Game Informer Australia, Sony are already in discussion with developers about games for the upcoming Playstation 4. Although the Playstation 4 Console has not yet been announced, games for the current Playstation 3 have often took 18-24 months in development before they were ready for release, so it makes sense [...]

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