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Playstation Move Lays The Groundwork For Virtual Reality

Apparantly, 2010 is not only the year for the 3-D movie, which nearly every theatrical release at least offering its visual delights in three dimensions, but it is also the year of the motion sensing gaming technology, bringing us one step closer to the much coveted virtual reality set-up drooled about and coveted by geeks [...]

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Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 predicted for ’2 years time’ says ex-Sony executive

Is your mouth watering in anticipation of the next console war yet? Well, it should be! If ex-President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, David Reeves is right, a Playstation 4 and ‘Xbox 720′ could be arriving in two years. Reeves, who is now COO of Capcom Europe, no longer has any insider knowledge on Sony’s [...]

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Sony: Xbox 720 and Wii 2 will hit market before Playstation 4

Sony’s worldwide studio boss, Shuhei Yoshida, has predicted that both Microsoft and Nintendo will launch new home consoles before Sony releases the fourth generation of the Playstation, rumored to be the Playstation 4. Despite this statement, all three of the major platform holders are yet to make any official announcements in direct relation to a [...]

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