Play The PlayStation 4 in October?

The PlayStation 4 has been announced somewhat recently, and the console’s overall hardware specifications have been revealed (to a certain extent).

Sony PS 4 Specs

Sony’s next gen console will pack an AMD Jaguar processor featuring 8 cores, a 64-bit x86 architecture and 2MB L2 cache for each quad-core group. Additionally, the PlayStation 4 will feature 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM and an AMD Radeon-based next-generation graphics card, boasting 1.84 TFLOPS.

During the Game Developers Conference it was also revealed that the console’s developer tools will run on Windows 7 64-bit. Additionally, various other PlayStation 4-specific tools such as the PlayStation Shader Language have been integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and 2012. Supposedly, the Shader Language offers functionality that is either up to par or even better than OpenGL 4.0 and DirectX 11. Tessellation support is also included.

Another interesting aspect about this new device is that it comes along with a new camera tagged as “PlayStation 4 Eye” that employs two high sensitivity cameras operational with wide angle lenses that can cover the reflection of a gamer from the backdrop or discriminate between gamers in the locale, enhancing the gamers’ fun time. Also, the device is expected to have equipped with a facial and voice recognition technology in order to allow the gamers to play the games in a more intuitive manner.

Furthermore the PS4 device is offered with an inherent hard disk drive. The box set is expected to have a 6X Blu Ray drive, USB3 port with other supplementary ports and 8X DVD integrated with it…. OK, what else?

Supercharged Computer Architecture

Speaking to technology magazine, Gamasutra, Sony’s PlayStation 4 lead architect Mark Cerny has gone into a little more depth about the choices that were made in designing the system’s innards, which they are calling “supercharged PC architecture”.

A typical PC GPU has two buses. There’s a bus the GPU uses to access VRAM, and there is a second bus that goes over the PCI Express that the GPU uses to access system memory. But whichever bus is used, the internal caches of the GPU become a significant barrier to CPU/GPU communication – any time the GPU wants to read information the CPU wrote, or the GPU wants to write information so that the CPU can see it, time-consuming flushes of the GPU internal caches are required.

Well, it’s all a little technical and complicated – but Cerny and Sony’s other hardware engineers have spent long hours trying to come up with a system that isn’t held back by the sort of bottlenecks you get on PCs.

Then PS4 gaming console so far is definite to have 10 games and those in the confirmed list are: Drive Club, Watch dogs, Deep Down, Destiny, Killzone: Shadow Fall, The Witness, Knack, Infamous: Second Son, Diablo 3, Final Fantasy. The PS 4 is expected to have a backward compatibility support for the legendary games, however it seems one has to pay for it again in order to have it function in the new device.

Release Date and Competition

Without a doubt, the PlayStation 4 is one of this year’s most anticipated gaming-related releases. As a result, every enthusiast out there is wondering when exactly the PS4 will be available for purchase. Rumors have suggested an October release, but there’s no official confirmation regarding the matter.

It should also be mentioned that Sony isn’t the only company to prepare a next-gen console for later this year. Microsoft is expected to reveal the Xbox 720 in the following months as well. Needless to say, the competition will be fierce. Really can’t wait to see what they bring out next.

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