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PS4 Release Date – Playstation 4

There is currently no official PS4 release date. Rumors are being posted around the internet, with the general idea being that the console will have a release date of around Christmas 2012/2013. Gamers should expect the PS4, ‘Xbox 720′ and ‘Wii 2″ consoles to all be released around the same time, to target the Christmas market. One thing is for sure, Sony cannot afford to be beaten to a release date again by Microsoft, like what happened with the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Update: No Playstation 4 Anytime Soon

That’s right folks, it seems the Playstation 3 is here for the long haul. Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Entertainment America, has rubbished rumors that the Playstation 4 Console is just around the corner… so it looks like we will be waiting a little longer to learn the Playstation 4 Release Date!

“We’ve just passed the third year of the PlayStation 3 and we’re just hitting our stride. And I don’t think anyone is saying, ‘This is a five-year cycle; what’s new on the horizon?’ I can’t even imagine what can be done technically beyond the PlayStation 3 in the near future,” he told Fast Company.

“A question I often get is when we are going to see PlayStation 4. When somebody can craft the technology that exceeds what we’re able to do on the PS3, but we are still just starting to harness it.”

He went on to say, “We are in the first 25 per cent to 30 per cent of this generation. I would say we’re sitting in the catbird seat. And if you like what you see right and if you thought last year was the year of the PlayStation, I hope that in 2015 somebody is going to be saying, ‘This is the Year of the PlayStation 3.’ And we’re still be talking about it, on the device that everybody’s playing today. That’s staying power, and something I fully believe in because we have done it for two generations in a row and we’ve got a lot more horsepower to do it with this generation.”

He emphasised the fact thats sales for many new titles, including Heavy Rain, were “off the charts”.

Hopes of the next generation consoles in the near future were dashed further when the US marketing boss for Nintendo, Cammie Dunaway, claimed the company wouldn’t be launching a successor to the Nintendo Wii in the ‘near future’. No word yet from Microsoft camp, in response to speculation of the rumored Xbox 720.

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  1. Paggigalo
    Posted September 20, 2010 at 12:39 AM | Permalink

    If the PS3 keeps selling l;ike it is no, the PS4 might come out sooner, and plus, all game consoles have lasted 6 years before, why not honor that commitment.

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