Xbox 720

Xbox 720 Set For 2012 Release Date?

Xbox 720 – The name widely rumoured to be used for the next home console released by Microsoft. Will it be called the Xbox 720? How many years away from release date are we? We talk about the possibilities below…

With the 360 being released back in 2006, the internet has gradually become awash with rumor of Microsoft’s next idea for a console – and that’s where the idea of the Xbox 720 was born. Don’t go too excited though, according to David Reeves (former President of Sony Entertainment Europe), we should only expect a Playstation 4 & Xbox 720 in two years time.

While there has been no official announcements from Microsoft in regards to the possible Xbox 720, there is plenty of speculation between gamers, including the suggestion that the 720 will have a terabyte storage capacity, have a higher resolution than the current Xbox 360 console, and that the 720 console will be able to read blue ray discs.

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The reality is, with the Xbox 360 now being over 4 years old, that Microsoft will certainly be working on a brand new console. Whether that’s early planning stages or actual development, nobody seems to know – but if the suggested Xbox 720 release date of 2012 holds any truth, we should expect to hear some kind of official announcement from Microsoft within the next 12 months – watch this space, we’ll keep you updated!

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